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World of Tourism is an independent lifestyle and travel magazine based in Ukraine. Established in 1997, it is a holder of numerous international awards and is considered one of the most respected tourist periodicals of the country. Currently a bimonthly publication, is has a circulation of 15 000 issues and a total audience of around 150.000 people in Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, and Moldova thanks to its online presence at Facebook page, Instagram, and its own website mirtu.com.

We are the best because:

  1. Four years in a row World of Tourism travel magazine was recognized as Ukraine’s best travel magazine.
  2. Our editorial team is actively engaged in expeditions and press tours around the world.
  3. We cooperate with Tourist Offices of different countries and their Embassies in Ukraine. We keep in touch with world’s best airlines and hotels in Thailand, Malaysia, Israel, Egypt, Indonesia, Maldives, Mexico, Costa Rica, Cuba, Jamaica, Mauritius, Austria, France, Germany, Georgia, and Romania.

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Our audience:

  • Travel agencies that collect information about new countries, hotels, and destinations from our magazine’s pages;
  • Independent tourists: men and women aged 25 to 55 whose income is above average;
  • People who choose an active lifestyle;
  • Those who value their time and travel often, trusting our recommendations on new destinations and routes.

Edition format: 210 x 275 mm
Volume: 96 pages
Circulation: 15000
Frequency: 6 issues per year (1 issue every 2 months)

Collaboration with World of Tourism

World of Tourism travel magazine is an opinion leader in travel and leisure industry. Over its 20-years history it earned the respect of an audience that only keeps growing. People trust us to choose travel destinations for them.

Different sections of the magazine speak of countries, cities, restaurants, airlines, cars, technology, travel tips, and everything else that has anything to do with traveling.

By cooperating with World of Tourism travel magazine you get the opportunity to make yourself or your brand known. You can draw the attention of a wide audience to the specific tourist product, whether it is a country, a city, a hotel or a resort.

Collaboration options:

  1. 1. Your ads in World of Tourism travel magazine. We can include layouts created by you, or they can be created by our designer at your request).
  2. Promotional articles about your product or destination.
  3. Articles with you as a partner.
  4. Joint projects (contests, expeditions, press tours) that promote your tourist product.


Collaboration online

World of Tourism travel magazine’s site is a perfect platform for advertising your tourist product.


  • Viewed only by target audience who is actively interested in traveling.
  • Loyalty of an audience that trusts World of Tourism travel magazine and has been reading it for over 20 years.
  • Flexible prices for cooperation partners: we are interested in making this work for your advantage.

Collaboration options:

  1. Banner advertising.
  2. Advertising your product on our website’s scrollable header. It can include up to three pieces of news/articles that always stay on top of our main page.
  3. News about your product in the main news block.

Cooperation with Mirtu.com can be done independently or as a bonus to cooperation with the printed version of World of Tourism travel magazine.

Contacts for all kind of cooperation:

Isakina Yuliia
E-mail: editor.mirtu@gmail.comeditor@mirtu.com
Tel.: +38-093-768-05-33

Head of advertisement department
Iva-Karina Zaiko
E-mail: zaiko@mirtu.com
Tel.: +38-097-137-88-98

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