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Cabo Polonio: Uruguay’s Village of Miracles


Ура! Еще одна страна отменила визы для Украины.

С 9 августа граждане Украины и еще 79 стран смогут посещать Катар без необходимости получать визу, сообщили в Управлении туризма Катара.

Украина вошла в список 47 стран, гражданам которых при пересечении границы Катара выдадут бесплатное 30-дневное разрешение на въезд, которое можно использовать для совершения одной или нескольких поездок. В случае необходимости, может быть выдано еще одно 30-дневное разрешение.

Основным условием безвизового режима является наличие паспорта, который действует как минимум полгода после приезда в Катар и подтвержденных билетов в обратном направлении или в третьи страны.

С 28 августа Qatar Airways начнет ежедневные полеты из Дохи (столицы Катара) в Киев. В честь запуска рейсов авиаперевозчик объявил распродажу билетов для украинских пассажиров для полетов в Азию, Африку и Австралию через Доху.

За новость благодарим



After that vivid culinary starter, I took a subway ride to a famous food venue – La Fuente Alemana. This is the most legendary burger shop in a city obsessed with burgers. At a crowded U-shaped counter, customers were eating classic burgers. Like chacarero (beef and green bean) and lomito (pork). And the popularity of this place can be judged by just two things. First, by how fast the new orders were brought up from the kitchen. Two, by how often visitors were flooding in and out. Second, burgers and two beers did cost me 13,300 pesos. This sum looks less painful if you count it in dollars, though.

“With over 100 wineries in the country, Uruguay is now the 5th largest exporter of wine in the world”

So I left the burger shop and set out to meet Rodrigo Pinochet, a Chilean travel writer. I tried to keep up with him, just as I try to do with numerous native travelers from the countries that I go to. Anyways, in order to meet him, I arrived at a chic wine bar called Bocanáriz. The fancy place was located in the upscale Lastarria neighborhood, which I recommend you to see. He had promised me the best, chilled white wine in Uruguay…for under $10!  He was right. It delivered: I tasted three unusual varietals found in Chile (like mourvèdre!) for 4,200 pesos, and called it a night.


But overall, there is so much fun things to do in Santiago and so little time … That means I will have to write a separate series of posts about it.

Now I want to share some photos with my readers. Because I have no time yet to sit down and describe my brightest moments of this trip in a long-read. Moments, by the way, are plenty! You can expect a number of posts on Santiago and Chile over the next couple of months mixed up with the other posts.

And as I’m currently staying in Santiago for some time, I will surely explore the countryside too.

I would love to witness some lesser-known natural attractions. A good example is Frutillar, a beautiful lakeside area in southern Chile’s Los Lagos Region. The Lonquimay area, which is a stunning mountainous lake city in the Malleco Province of southern Chile’s Araucanía Region. As well as Coyhaique (a budget-wise Northern Patagonia city that’s a hub for travelers in that region).

As I will continue travelling through the country, I will be adding new posts here about my ventures.

Namely, the next trip I want to set out on is to Patagonia. This incredible plateau region of Chile is in the South.

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